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Un nouveau chef étoilé au Michelin, Benoît Bordier, a été recruté pour prendre les commandes de la table gastronomique, rebaptisée Le Corot.

Good conditions of accommodation in a unique atmosphere, It is a good alternative accommodation for those who want a More details Description of the destination Mures Mures County is located in the central-north part of Romania. County area is km ².

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Half of the county's area is occupied by hills and plateaus, the other half by the Transylvanian Sub - Carpathian hills and volcanic mountains Calimani - Gurghiu. Mures river basin - with its tributaries — cover the hydrographic network of the whole county. The climate is characterized by long, cold winters and hot summers.

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Among the natural reservations in the county there are: Natural Park - the Daffodil Park Gurghiu Dendrological Park Reservation with steppe peonies — Zau de Campie The mountain vegetation includes: pine, beech; and the hills and plain vegetation: beech and others species.

The fauna includes species detox spa switzerland as: brown bear, Charpatian stag, wild boor, rabbit, pheasanfish, etc.

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The particularly generous nature, as numerous monuments of culture and art, ensure continuous tourist flow, among the most popular areas are: Sovata, Singeorgiu de Mures, Ideciu de Jos, Jabenita, Lapusna are just some of the places that offer good conditions for treatment of diseases and for recreation. In addition to the natural beauties and folk traditions, there are many historical and architectural monuments, buildings from the 14th and 18th centuries, with influences from the European styles of that time: churches at Sighisoara, Tirgu Mures, Reghin, Bagaciu, Saschiz, Suseni and so on; medievale citadeles detox spa switzerland Sighisoara 14th century and Tirgu Mures 17th century ; citadel-castle at Iernut reminding us of the Transylvanian Princes Gabriel Bethlen and Gheorghe Rakoczi I; castles at Gornesti and Dumbravioara; Toldalagi House at Tirgu Mures - representative building for the Transylvanian baroque.

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A possible itinerary in Mures County may begin in Tirgu Mures. The merchants and guild members got involved in economic activities in the feudal age.

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In the same time, the spiritual life improved, so that the county town became a strong economic and cultural nucleus. Today the county town is a developed economic and cultural centre.

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Tirgu Mures is well known in the country and abroad as an important medical centre with detox spa switzerland achievements in the field. It also has many cultural institutions — libraries, museums, theatres, musical institutions the National Theatre, Philharmonic Orchestra, County Library, etc.

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Tirgu Mures is a town of schools too, from secondary schools and colleges to medical, technical, pedagogical and artistically superior education units; many local schools were well-known, beginning with Middle Ages.

From is mentioned in the documents the famous reformat school which after became a superior school.

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Here taught personalities who tratament pentru eliminarea parazitilor in universities from Germany, Holland, Switzerland, and so on; among these there were the mathematician Bolyai Farkas and his son and student Bolyai Janos, the founder of the non-euclidean geometry. At Tirgu Mures, after functioned the Royal Table, the supreme court of Transylvania, where young revolutionaries Avram Iancu, Alexandru Papiu Ilarian and other young people conceived their revolutionary ideas.

In Tirgu Mures, Teleki Samuel founded the documentary library which now bears his name, and which beginning with is at the disposal of the public.

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The initial collection was of These curiosities would not be complete unless one mention the imposing Orthodox Cathedral, which has the detox spa switzerland painted area detox spa switzerland the churches in the country.

Upstream from Tirgu Mures, at the confluence of Mures and Gurghiu rivers, the most important locality is the municipium of Reghin. Erected on the ruins of a Dacian fortress by the Germanic population colonised here, at aboutReghin becomes in the 18thth centuries a centre of the Romanian national resurrection, begun by the scholar Petru Maior and finalised with the Great Union.

Young people from Canada and Germany learn here how to make violins, which proves that the masters of Reghin are quite famous in the field.

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Crossing the Tirnave hills covered by vineyardswe move towards Sighisoara, a former medieval citadel, Castrum Sex, built up by the Germanic population and mentioned in documents in A refuge citadel built on the upper plateau of the Citadel Hill was the nucleus of the town. Throughout centuries, several personalities walked along its narrow streets.

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Is supposed that Vlad Dracul known as Dracula was born in Sighisoara. The most important touristical attractions are the nine defence towers — the Clock Tower being the most important one of them all, the Museum of Medieval Weapons, the house Vlad Dracul, the House with a Stag, the Venetian House, the Curch on the hill, the Covered Staircase.

Although it was first mentioned in a document inthe settlement became a town only at the beginning at the 20th century. This happened when the first drillings for methane, a valuable raw material for the industry of the new town, began.

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Other towns belonging to the latest generation are Ludus and Iernut, centres of gravitation for the nearby detox spa switzerland of the Transylvanian Plain. The balneal-climateric resort Sovata established itself as an outstanding resort on the touristical map of the county. Its tradition has more than a century and its fame spread over the borders.

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Sovata is renamed for the efficiency of the treatment for various gynaecological, rheumatic, circulatory diseases as well as for the beneficial effects of its air. Conditions are propitious for skiing in winter and equitation in summer time. Thus, starting with a high natural potential, the public administration of Mures County aims to a sustanaible development by increasing the level forum pentru paraziți economical development in the entire county, reducing the discrepancies between the urban and rural areas and improving the quality of life for each inhabitant.

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Development of the economy, especially of the tourism, cannot happen without the existence of detox spa switzerland quality infrastructure. One of the priorities is represented by the relations with foreign partners, pursuing the dynamics of economical, cultural contacts, promotion of collaboration projects, stimulating foreign investments in our county.

This may be the basis for the future promotion and implementation of several projects with external financement E. Due to its natural and cultural riches, the quality of human resources, the economical potential, Mures County may become an interesting partner for a large number of sustainable projects.